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LAZY SATURDAY   On this Saturday afternoon towards the end of siesta time on a hot 30 degree C/86 F day, I am relaxing in my second-story, darkened room, when I suddenly hear the mariachi performing a live concert in … Continue reading

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MEXICAN STYLE PATIO My friend lives in the cutest casa and she is a master in decorating Mexican style and gardening;  I just had to take photos of her work.  With her permission, I post them here. Her companion is Jezebel. … Continue reading

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  ISLA DE MESCALA   The article below is taken from the website The Informer, with my own photographs added, taken last week on the island.  I am placing a copy of the article here, as the research is better … Continue reading

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THE DOGS OF MEXICO   Mictlanteculhtli by Jesus Lopez Vega Jesus Lopez Vega is a local artist. When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do. That’s what I told myself, but I don’t have a dog (anymore). Dogs figure prominently … Continue reading

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