Just this week I received my author copies of the new book about a fictitious family in crisis. The story is about an adoptive family and starts seven years after the adoption of the two eldest children when Shayla hits 17 and  she gets an email from a long-forgotten half-sister with the promise of connecting her to her biological father. The book is an easy read and people who read it tell me they cannot stop reading until they know how it ends.


2017-10-26 12.07.47The day the box arrived I almost didn’t answer my doorbell, as I wasn’t expecting the delivery yet. Luckily, I answered the door and received the box. The next day my friend Lisa (who took the photos) helped me unravel the packaging and we saw the book for the first time LIVE.


2017-10-26 12.08.27The cover looked just like I had imagined it. The Bookbaby designers did a good job.

I first had destined a photograph of my daughter for the cover, but the photo I submitted was not large enough–not enough pixels–so I had to find another. Unfortunately, the photographer had passed away and I was unable to ask for a larger size.

I found the new photo on Shutterstock’s website and I bought it, after having screened many photos on line. The  girl is looking forward, symbolic for the main character, 17 year-old-Shayla, who experiences  a crisis; with help of her adoptive mother and her biological father she addresses her issues. I won’t add any more spoliers here. You will have to read the book yourself.

The book is available on the website of and that is for me the best option, as the share of the sale price is largest for me with that option.

It is suitable for mature young adults and adults with an interest in adoption. One reviewer called the story “gritty” and I think she was referring to the fact that some self-harming scenes and the circumstances of  parental neglect are described in the book. The language of the novel is gentle and no profanities occur in the characters’ language.

The printed book  can be ordered on the websites and it gets printed (POD=print on order) by Bookbaby and sent off to the customer. It can be that the delivery time is a bit slow, as the print job will be initiated when a minum number of orders has been received.

The book site on Amazon might then indicate “temporarily out of stock”, but that is basically a lie, as they do not keep a large stock anywhere anyway. Just order it and you will get it at the latest within 30 days.

It is available as eBook also, on:


Barnes & Noble





Baker & Taylor



You can click on the link ORDER HERE below this sentence and it will take you to the Bookbaby site, where you can order a copy.

Order here 

I hope you like the book and if you feel up to it, I would really, really appreciate your review on any of the book’s websites that will allow you to ADD A REVIEW.

A one-line sentence is great. Not everybody is a literary critic (although I might be wrong about that).  I am looking for readers’ honest feedback, whether they liked it, or wanted to see a different ending, or found a specific character appealing, or not, or whatever comment you are willing to share with other readers.

It addition, if you could share and click on  a “like” button somewhere, on Facebook, or on this blog post, I would be very happy.


This blog post also has a rating on the top of the post and if you rate it high out of five stars, the WordPress algoritms might press it into the readers’ best category–all strategies to get the word out about this new novel.


I am grateful to my readers, and my friends who are readers, and everybody else who has been supportive, including instructors and fellow students.

Unfortunately, my main editor, Dona Sturmanis, has passed away since. She has been a force to get me to continue writing, was the ditor on my first short story collection (ON THIN ICE),  and taught me not to be shy about it. Dona, I will never forget you.



I will have an action in November  through READERS FAVORITE with a blog tour and am in the process of setting something up with Story Cartel as well.

Amazon will have some free copies to give away during the special introductory offer period from Nonember 15 – 20.  Order your copy now!

AGN4081 Digest-Soft-Cover.indd


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