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The iPad – first generation. This iPad I am writing on was released April 3,2010, and is now almost five years old. Back then, I stood in a very short line of two people at the computer department on that … Continue reading

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INVASION OF THE BOOMERS Help, the boomers are invading life everywhere. I used to go to a yoga studio for years. The teachers were all properly trained and the owners adherents of the Yogi preacher whom provided the background for … Continue reading

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SMOKING and Strata Life

SMOKING AND STRATA LIFE Last week’s newspaper called it the last frontier: smoking in strata and apartment buildings. My home is my castle. Or is it? Do I get to smoke in my own home where and when I want … Continue reading

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The silliest commercial–The Laughing Cow/La Vache Qui Rit. Don’t you hate those ads where animals talk and eat, or food is going to be eaten but is still talking, thinking and feeling, like those M&M ads, and are all happy … Continue reading

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