Never would I have thought that I would complain about a computer since I became the owner of one with the windows operating program (what was it, 1995?) that made \\dos a thing of the past and the ten year old Windows easy to use for the most computer challenged person. After all these years with a few upgrades that required no more than dropping off my tower at the tech and receiving some additional bytes and programs, the time has come that I have to get a whole new hard drive. My old one has not enough memory to even upgrade to the latest versions of software. I found that out when I could no longer download photos to my websites and when it took a whole evening for that to take place with freezes and much frustration.

I write and need to be sure I can find what I wrote in my folders. I received messages that said to make more space on my hard drive or to upgrade. I have Windows XP operating system. I started deleting programs that I never used and while I was busy with that, I deleted my Word program as well, by accident, mind you.

It took a while to find that out. I could not open my old work anymore. Until I had only the most basic accessories left, I kept deleting stuff. I assumed that now I would have enough clear space to download a newer version of Word, as the older version I had deleted, and was not available anymore to download from Microsoft. I had to get, at the very least, the Word version included in the Office2013 software package, the only available Word on the market now it seems. I had heard that the new Windows 8 is for touch screen versions and would not work that well with the regular screens. Office 7 was the one to get.

 I started downloading Office 365 from Microsoft. Once in the process of downloading, the message came up that this program would not work on my current Windows and I had to upgrade to at least a Windows 7. So I did. It went OK, although that was a very slow process and at the end it was clear that my system had all it could handle with Windows 7. There was no way I could upgrade to Office 365. I contacted Microsoft to ask for a rebate as my computer was not equipped with enough memory or whatever the proper term is. I did get my payment credited back to my account.

What to do next? I decided that maybe there is Word somewhere that I could get without the other office programs that I don’t need as a writer. I found one from a program for free. When I downloaded it, all kinds of pop-ups appeared FOR A WHOLE NEW TASK BAR WITH A BUNCH OF THINGS I DID NOT BARGAIN FOR. So I deleted that bar and stopped the downloading process.

Next I asked a few people for advice. I am not a gamer and do not need many applications. I also have a Facebook and a Twitter account and two websites for writing.  Other applications are wasted on me. I basically use the computer for email, Internet searches and as a word processor for writing and sending my stories out. I would recycle my own old system and I can’t afford to buy a new system.

For everyday checking and reading I have an iPad, the first version, and am pretty happy with it, although there’s one problem: I can’t download photos and text on my blog website on WordPress from it, and since that is a weekly activity, I need a PC to do that, or possibly a MAC that is not touch screen. I send my writing pieces from the iPad to the PC, or write and save directly on the PC. I signed up for Dropbox, but have been unable to make that work. Now that I can’t use my Word program on my PC anymore, I have another problem. I would like to know how to fix my old PC. My writing work is now in Notepad version only, although I am grateful I have at least access to those again.

 I did in the meantime find a 2 year old laptop with Windows 7 on it, on which I downloaded the new Office 2013 with Word, but that version (for Home office and Student at $139) has no Outlook, so I can’t email my pieces from my iPad to the laptop to download on the websites, although I have Internet on it. I probably should have bought the more expensive version of Office 365 with Outlook. Such overlap and still not what I want and need!

So to conclude all this misery:  I have a MAC tablet, a PC and a laptop with Windows and none does what I want it to do.


I would appreciate any help and suggestions that don’t cost a month wages. Commiserate  comments also very welcome.

About BABYBOOMER johanna van zanten

My name is Johanna van Zanten. I am a baby boomer, interested in writing and connecting with other writers and readers to engage in discussions and information sharing, to share a point of view about current global issues, writing, and publishing, diversity, immigration, travel, music, life, specific baby boomer issues, and dating/relationship issues. I have written a novella, ON THIN ICE about baby-boomer Adrienne and will link this blog with the information website for this novella. Right now, I am trying out the blog.
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