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During the last 40 days, the Christian world was preoccupied with abstinence, as that is what gives meaning to the observance of lent: the practice of abstaining from indulgence (fasting), doing penance for past mistakes, and praying for improvement while … Continue reading

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MARRIAGE–Differences between Quebec and British Columbia

The differences between British Columbia and Quebec   A few posts back I wrote about Quebec couples who are not obliged to share in their wealth, if a couple was not married and they break up. Only official marriage guaranteed … Continue reading

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The real danger to North America’s west coast. We hear a lot about the Keystone XL pipe line project through the sensitive North American areas and the issue of oil tankers potentially polluting the coast of British Columbia in … Continue reading

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Some years ago I was  in Florida visiting a relative. We stayed at a comfortable bungalow of acquaintances who had moved to Missouri to escape the hottest season. Their home was a single family residence,  built in a style that’s typical for the … Continue reading

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