The Globe and Mail published this weekend an article written by Doug Saunders called GOOD FAITH that I found very interesting and ties in with my interest in immigration issues. It deals with the fear of the UK resident population for a clash of civilizations and cultures, specifically for the influx of Muslim immigrants.

He researched the situation in London and found interesting facts. What he observed sounds similar to my experiences and observations in Amsterdam, my hometown from a life time ago which I still visit occasionally (also the background locale for my story Roots and Blues from my short story collection On Thin Ice).

Multi-cultural Amsterdam

Young women and children in the UK.

Women speaking for themselves….in France.

The blog post today contains a reply from a reader, David Madsen, to my post from a  few weeks ago: The Case For 100 Million Canadians, about  the desirability and need for vastly increased rates of immigration for Canada to survive and do well as a nation.

Like Doug Saunders, David’s reply cuts to the heart of the matter and addresses the fears of Canadians for a larger influx of immigrants from a  different culture and religion that might undermine or destroy the Canadian culture–whatever that might be.

In prayer

I added the photos from copyright free internet sites. David’s piece is copied from the comments section (sic)  on my blog. His reply contains the startling revelation that the Canadian (federal) government  is apparently already deeply involved in preparing a future, larger rate of immigration and is currently holding surveys on how others see Canada, selecting Anglo-Saxon nations to hold the surveys in. This action is no doubt to gauge the potential for attracting similar, preferred  immigrant groups in larger numbers.

If attracting larger numbers of Caucasians that would be not feasible, no doubt the next step might be to determine whether the immigration policies can sustain and should attract more immigrants from visible minorities/religions, and whether it would be possible to maintain the overall status quo of the current  Canadian culture and identity  in that case.  Controversial stuff, but very interesting in my view. What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion..Please, rate this blog post at the top of the article. Thanks so much.

Muslim woman in a face covering hijab.


i have lived around the world; from places with population bases of much significance to population cores barely, if not completely unable, to nurture primary industries, a shared culture, socio/economic union, global presence, true national mentality and decision making,et al. … and pathetically and thoroughly unable to structure and provide tertiary, secondary, goods and services provision, et al.

these sectors of the territorial economy/culture/society/et al. leaves sadly the young/educated/ambitious/talented/eager/ and most productive … those most proficient in providing these sector services … leaves them with no choices other than emigration. and thusly indeed emigrating to … where? exactly – a territorial confine with a population base that shares within its confines a population market in excess of at least 50.000.000. for canada, so close in physical locality to our often nefarious in motive and rarely in action with our concerns of any matter – the 100.000.000 population base is of most sufficience.

i would even argue to adopt the laizzez-faire yet carefully coralled social structuring of argentina in the 1920′s. only 1 in 5 argentinian residents was born there. the majority eager new citizens having relocated almost exclusively from german speaking, italian, spanish, portuguese, and even british homelands – 4/5 having arrived in the past fiveteen years.

with a groomed purposefulness, an accurately manipulated social inculcation, and a warm amiability to learn that which is new – canada could so very easily adopt a similiar population structure – by the advent of such a proposal as this – canada would demographically number: 38.000.000 citizens – we could comfortably encourage 152.000.000 immigrants into a canadian mentality … and they would prove invaluable in the wealth they would bring to canada.

Women in the traditional total body covering Niqab.

if fears of overwhelming numbers of visible minorities and/or persons from inclusive and alien cultures is a fear. fear not – i lived in germany and danmark … and i had the very rare opportunity to be witness to an exhaustive questionaire the “always-insecure” canadian embassies delivered home to home. it was a very intricately designed poll delivered to people on a formal basis and treated as such. it asked – what the citizens of north-western europe (UK, Ireland, France, Belguim, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and Scandinavia) the very epitome in every way of canadians – white, english/french speaking, very well-educated, exact similiar social/culture/ideological/political/ethnic/theological, et al.

… it asked what they thought of canada. over 90% declared canada as god’s gift to this earth. their only expressed concerns (and albeit very significant mentions). were why such a sentient people could so vulgarly with such unconcerned apathy pollute our piece of heaven so effortlessly? and why – with such an incomprehensible wealth of completely alien and fascinating aboriginal cultures from which much could be learned … why do we not hold them vaulted to be valuable … a profoundly priceless opportunity to look with different eyes … and instead – marginalize and annihilate these very cultures.

the next question asked of these 300.000.000 very white, protestant/spiritual/catholic/well-educated/…. – asked if they would ever consider living in canada … 25% 0f the respondents – 75.000.000 north-western europeans replied that even without hopes for a job or home, income, security, anything at all – 75.000.000 north-western europeans replied they would move here tomorrow if it were possible.

if to keep the racist agenda in place … this number of caucasians works well with an allowance of 25% (canada currently is 79%white/21%visible minority) – we can effortlessly welcome 25.000.000 from non-european origins.

had the meditteranean and slavic peoples been questioned – with a population base of over 700.000.000 – i truly believe the numbers desiring to become canadian would probably be double.

Most young Muslim women in Amsterdam wear the modified, modern hijab, that is more like a head scarf.

there, canada – you could again have diplomatic significance, economic independence, moral and theoretical stature, international presence, and a culture that doesn’t force its clever children to sadly move south. i should know. i could not get an agent to save my life in canada. an american agency just swallowed me, loves me, and is actively promoting my previously back home unnoticed work. i have to move to LA.

by the way – with the total euro-population – you would now have the luxury of 425.000.000 europeans and billions of others to most enhance this beautiful land and take your pick from amongst all of them to hit your target 100.000.000

i cant wait until you do … maybe i can come home again.

cheers, david jens jurgen madsen

So far David Madsen.

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