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CAUGHT continued

The previous post CAUGHT started the except from my new novel, untitled as of yet, but it might be called Without A Family. It would be best to read the previous post if you haven’t yet, to catch up on … Continue reading

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Shayla is waiting for Ellen and Anita at the mall; they will meet up with their boyfriends at Ellen’s place in a few hours. Shayla’s mom agreed a few days ago that she could stay over at Ellen’s tonight. Shayla … Continue reading

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Warning for all future immigrants and temporary workers to Canada.

In Canada it is illegal to pay people for helping newcomers filling out forms, as well as illegal to exchange money for a visa. That is solely the job of the governmental services and  is basically free, with a low administration fee … Continue reading

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Temples of Bali 2 and Prambanan on Java

The temple at Tana Lot on Bali by low tide and sundown, a special time. The grotto is only accessible at low tide and a ceremony is being held with prayer, offerings and a seal of the priest with a … Continue reading

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