I am spending two weeks in Mexico, in a small town, called Ajijic. The weather is warm during the day, from 25 to 30 degrees C and cools off somewhat at night, so one can sleep without any cover, just a sheet will do. The village has some tourists, but not many, since it´s located inland, an hour away from Guadalajara, although on a lake. The locale is very informal and friendly, although many unwritten customs exist that we may not know about as non-Mexicans. Luckily, my friend in whose house I am staying, has the knowledge, as she is married to a Mexican. I am invited and introduced to her in-laws and her husband´s friends and although I do not speak a lot of Spanish, the basic social graces are easy and friendly and understood.

The problem with internet seems to be a disconnect with some public service prividers. I am using my iPad more successfully through wifi; some local bars have wifi. Although I intended to write more, too many social activities are going on and I
have little space for writing.

Eating is a large part of the daily activities and little routines seem to exist, one eats at any time, when it is convenient. Many small hole-in-the-wall restaurants offer
tacos and other snacks of a variety of meats, such as lips, tongue, brains, nose, face, ears: these are all parts of the cow, retrieved from the cow by steaming the head. The basic meat is chopped up fine and put on a tortilla, freshly made, and
added on with chopped onions, cilantro, and home made hot sauces.

Bon appetit.


About BABYBOOMER johanna van zanten

My name is Johanna van Zanten. I am a baby boomer, interested in writing and connecting with other writers and readers to engage in discussions and information sharing, to share a point of view about current global issues, writing, and publishing, diversity, immigration, travel, music, life, specific baby boomer issues, and dating/relationship issues. I have written a novella, ON THIN ICE about baby-boomer Adrienne and will link this blog with the information website for this novella. Right now, I am trying out the blog.
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2 Responses to Mexico

  1. Lisa says:

    Lips and a taco?! Yucky—use lots of cayenne and sauces! I hope you are drinking lots of trquila too!! Ola 🙂

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